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Ramblings about Formula 1 and other motorsport from F1 journalist Chris Medland and any friends he feels like getting on the show. Usually full of fan questions as well as plenty of irrelevant chat.

Ep12 - Jess McFadyen: Underrated drivers, F1’s restart and loads of random stuff

June 19th, 2020

For the latest episode of the Podcast That's Not a Podcast, Podcast, Motorsport Network's Jess McFadyen joins Chris Medland to answer some of the weird and wonderful questions you sent in, including about underrated drivers in F1, the latest plans for restarting the season in Austria, circuits that should return or be added to the 2020 calendar and what is fast becoming a regular feature: Her favourite door.

Ep11 - Sam Collins: Racism and inequality in F1 and motorsport

June 6th, 2020

In a special episode, Chris Medland is joined by Sam Collins to talk about racism, inequality and his experience of being one of the few black people in the Formula 1 media centre. Sam is an engineer by education, spent time as a driver himself and worked in a variety of motorsport categories, and speaks openly and honestly about both the positives and negatives he has faced due to race at different stages of his career.

Now a motorsport journalist and politician, Sam discusses his fascinating career path, Lewis Hamilton's comments, times he even feels he has been advantaged by being in a minority group, and why the 'Black Lives Matter' movement can provide the impetus for positive changes in F1.

(I'll admit this is not how I wish I was doing a podcast with Sam, because there are so many great stories we can go into, but there will be more time for that in the near future).

Ep10 - Ross Brawn: On reverse grids and rule changes, plus Hamilton, Williams and Vettel

June 4th, 2020

Somehow this has lasted ten episodes, so to mark the occasion Chris Medland is joined by Formula 1 managing director of motorsports Ross Brawn to talk about reverse grid qualifying races, his frustration at teams blocking rule changes and tweaks he still wants to make to the double headers when the 2020 season starts.

There's also time to talk about Lewis Hamilton's criticism of F1's silence over racial injustice, the future for Williams and a number of fan questions ranging from Brawn GP to what Sebastian Vettel's legacy will be.

Ep09 - Paul Hembery: A big week in F1, talking Williams, Mercedes, Renault, Vettel and the sport’s future

May 29th, 2020

Paul Hembery's time as head of Pirelli in motorsport meant he saw plenty behind-the-scenes in Formula 1. Since then he has been further up the Pirelli ladder and now has a number of private ventures and his own companies. So he's well-placed to give his perspective on a remarkable week in F1, from significant new regulations to Williams considering a sale, Mercedes and Renault committing their futures and McLaren's redundancies. He joins Chris Medland to talk all of that and more, including what Sebastian Vettel will do next, his own dreams of running an F1 team, and Yeovil Town. Settle in for some strong opinions (or maybe rants).

Ep08 - Jack Aitken: I saw Ricciardo leaving but Renault replacing from outside

May 22nd, 2020

Former Renault and now Williams reserve driver Jack Aitken saw Daniel Ricciardo's departure from his old team coming, but didn't think a junior driver would take his place. As the latest guest he tells Chris Medland about the best driver he's raced against, his own best and worst performances, the Korean connection he might strengthen in future, helmet designs and, err, his favourite type of door. Yeah, it gets a bit weird at times.

Ep07 - Ben Hunt: Toto warned me about Netflix scene

May 15th, 2020

In this week's episode, The Sun's F1 correspondent Ben Hunt joins Chris Medland to discuss the reaction to his questioning of Toto Wolff in the latest Netflix series of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, as well as why he works for an outlet that regularly gets him abuse, his relationship with Lewis Hamilton and his many different lockdown projects.

Ep06 - Lando Norris: ‘What Pagenaud’s got against me I don’t know’

May 4th, 2020

In a special episode, Lando Norris chats to Chris Medland about THAT IndyCar iRacing incident with Simon Pagenaud, and the social media storm it has led to. It hasn’t stopped him wanting to go and race in IndyCar - and at the Indy 500 - for real though, while he also insists he’s not bitter about F1 friends and rivals Charles Leclerc, Alex Albon and George Russell stepping on his online streaming turf.

Ep05 - Zak Brown: Some F1 teams “run a real risk of putting the sport out of business”

May 2nd, 2020

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown joins Chris Medland to discuss the political situation within Formula 1 - claiming big teams threaten the sport's future - as well as IndyCar's approach to the pandemic, how Arrow McLaren SP has actually been helped by the situation, and the restart plans in both categories. There's also plenty of talk about McLaren entering sportscars, the success of his drivers in Esports and wide-ranging fan questions about classic cars, Brown's own racing history and, err, his weight.

Ep04 - Pierre Gasly: ‘It’s not like I agree with everything that has been said’

April 24th, 2020

Pierre Gasly - an actual F1 driver - joins Chris Medland to talk about life in lockdown, missing his sim, stealing AlphaTauri clothes, being unable to grow a moustache and how his Red Bull demotion was portrayed in the second series of the Netflix documentary Drive to Survive...

Ep03 - F1 and photography with James Moy

April 18th, 2020

This week Chris Medland is joined by F1 photographer James Moy, to answer listener questions on photography and drivers (including the worst ones to work with) and talk about the impact of the current situation on his industry. With apologies for any technical blips, for giving away one of Moy's secrets early on, and for not getting him to spill a Kimi story…

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